Online Registration Management

Online Conference Registration System

Each year we handle 1,000’s of registrations for our clients. Our registration system is based on a secure server and each delegate will create and maintain their own account using a username and password.
We can design and adapt the registration system to fit your conference needs. The registration form will be branded with you logo and conference office contact details.

Once delegates create their account they can edit their own details, select events they want to attend and pay using our online secure credit card system or if requested they can be sent an invoice. Once the delegate submits their form they will receive an automatic confirmation of registration.

Registration reporting:

Our system allows us to produce any delegates reports detailing countries, cities, specialism, payment types etc.


We can incorporate a selection of hotels, prices, dates within the registration form allowing the delegate to book all their requirements within one simple system.

Our Online Conference Registration System Facilities in detail:


  • Attendee Profiles & History
  • Appearance & Branding
  • Workshops & Sessions
  • Promotional Pricing
  • Attendee Badges
  • Registration Check-In
  • Social Media Integration (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Multi-Currency
  • Max. Capacities & Waiting lists
  • Exhibitor Registration
  • Online Credit Card Authorisation


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