Our trainers and consultants are internationally recognised as experts in the field of violence risk assessment. They are approved trainers and several members of our team have authored one or more risk assessment manual.

Lisa Davies

Lisa Davies is a Consultant Forensic Psychologist, working in full time private practice as the Director of Expert Psychological Services Ltd, an expert witness consultancy. Ms. Davies has worked in prisons, low, medium and high secure services. Ms. Davies provides psychological assessments for the purposes of the courts, immigration tribunals and parole board. In the last eight years, Ms. Davies has provided assessments of victims and perpetrators of organised crime, modern slavery and human trafficking, and receives referrals for clients at all stages of the criminal justice system, from charge through to appeal against sentence and conviction and appeals against removal from the UK, with focused attention on the assessment of the risk of harm presented to the public by individuals convicted of offences related to organised crime, human trafficking and modern slavery. Ms. Davies has been involved in the assessment of risk of adult males and females known or suspected to be involved in human trafficking and modern slavery and is regularly called upon to give expert evidence. She has provided psychological consultancy to peer mentors with lived experience of leaving criminal gangs and supporting individuals exiting from criminal gangs. Ms. Davies has provided training in human trafficking and modern slavery to police officers within the UK. Ms. Davies has been involved in the assessment of risk in forensic settings and structured professional judgement approaches to risk assessment for over 20 years.

Dr Caroline Logan

Caroline Logan, DPhil, is a Consultant Forensic Clinical Psychologist and an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Manchester in England. She has worked as a researcher and clinician in forensic mental health and criminal justice services in the UK for nearly 30 years. In addition, she holds consultancy roles with several national health and criminal justice agencies that look after and manage large numbers of at-risk clients, examining risk assessment and management practices and procedures and proposing and evaluating change. Dr Logan has ongoing research interests in risk, personality disorder and forensic clinical interviewing.